About our resources

We are a small charity with no paid staff, completely reliant on donations to fund our running costs. These can be high: our vets' bill for one month can come in at £1,100 or more. We are very sorry but we are unable to pay vets' bills for animals other than those in our care.

We are also sorry that we have limited capacity to take in all the animals that need our help. Our pens and foster-homes are always over-subscribed, and space can only be found when one of the residents moves on to a permanent home.

All donations of money, food and goods to sell are gratefully received. Please see elsewhere on this site for details of events and help needed.

Are you a cat lover? Could you run a cat rescue?

Hay Cat Rescue has rescued, rehabilitated and found homes for over 1000 cats and kittens, and helped many more in other ways, since it was established in 2004.
So it is with a heavy heart that due to worsening Arthritis I will be unable to continue to provide this much needed service for the cats and the community for much longer.
Hay Cat Rescue is, therefore, looking for a reliable cat lover, or several cat lovers working together, willing and able to continue to run this small, independent, registered Charity. This involves accommodating, sometimes trapping, veterinary health checks, record keeping and fundraising, as well as delivering cats and kittens to their new homes. Some equipment is available to a committed and caring person.
Over the years HCR has been very generously supported by many kind and caring people who would, I am sure, continue to help with donations of cat food and goods for fundraising.
If no one is forthcoming, Hay Cat Rescue will close once the cats in our care have found their new homes.
For more information, or to offer a cat a home, please call Kathie on 01497 821401.


 Hay Cat Rescue is pleased to have found homes for 1139 cats and kittens and helped many more since 2004.  Hay Cat Rescue has found caring homes for 32 cats and kittens in 2019, a total of 1171 homes, so far!

Hay Cat Rescue is a small, independent Registered Charity (Number 1120233), formed in 2004.  We are dedicated to rescuing and homing stray, abandoned and unwanted cats in and around Hay-on-Wye.

Our address is:  Woodlands, Cusop Dingle, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR3 5RQ

For all enquiries or to arrange a visit, please contact Kathie on 01497 821401

Donations made payable to Hay Cat Rescue would be most gratefully received.

Read about the cats and kittens helped and homed so far last year in the Christmas Mews. Sorry! Didn’t have much to write for a Summer Mews, now no chance to write one at present as we have so many kits to care for!!

A huge THANK YOU to Fiddle Bop who have surprised us with a terrific donation of £101.55, their takings from a jazz evening at Hay Globe! With so many cats and kittens in our care at the moment we are especially grateful for this very kind and very generous support! Thank you so much!

HCR is currently caring for 19 kittens from 8 weeks old to, now, 4 months. We are heartbroken that so many of them have been abandoned by busy roads, in a box, living in less than caring situations or homeless in a hedge. Sadly some of their siblings died before we had chance to rescue them. One very pretty pair, dumped on Erwood Common with flu, will each lose an eye when they are strong enough to be neutered. All the kittens have had the usual vet checks, been vaccinated, microchipped and neutered as time and age allows. We are hoping to find especially sympathetic, loving homes where they will have the company of a sibling, pal and the playmate they have been through sad times with, to help them settle in their forever home.  While it is hard to break up  the families, and we were hoping not to, they have been playing with others in our care and should be fine with a resident cat.

Rufus  Katie  All of our kittens have had a less than joyful start to little their lives but Rufus and Katie had an especially rotten time. They were abandoned on a common where people were just leaving open tins of food for them and even a bowl of water. They were there awhile before we heard of their plight at 8.15pm on a Sunday evening. John & I went to try to gather them up as we were given to understand they could just be ‘picked up’! By the time we got to the common, it was dusk and it took awhile to locate the kittens. Of course they were quite frightened and kept hiding in the bracken, so we had to leave them that night. Next morning John got up at 5.30am to go and catch the kits. He managed to trap Rufus, a very handsome blond chap who was duly delivered to Hay Vets then went back for his sister who was eventually caught and joined her brother. They stayed at the Vets awhile in isolation having treatment for their eyes and flu and being assessed. Sadly both had flu so badly the left eye of each kitten had ruptured and needs to be removed. It was decided to leave this operation until they were neutered to give Rufus & Katie time to gain strength and recover some of their kittenhood. They have been having a lovely time with Anne who has been caring for this gorgeous pair. We are hoping the kittens will find  happy life in an especially kind and caring homes where they will have all the love and care they so deserve after such an awful start to their little lives. Cats manage amazingly well with just one eye!! Update, 12.10.19. Rufus and Katie have now been neutered, microchipped and left eyes removed. We are pleased to say the operations have been very successful and these dear kittens are recovering amazingly well. They will be available for their new homes after some TLC and once the stitched have been removed in 10 days.

We are thrilled to bits!! Rufus & Katie have gone to their new home together where they will have the company of other cats!


Ted  Ted  This is Ted, just back from Hay Vets where he was treated for 60-80 gun shot pellets all over his body. His right ear is especially bad. Another Cusop cat had recently been shot too. It is appalling to think one of our neighbours has done this at close range. As there are kinder ways to shoo a cat off, I can only think this was a deliberately callous and malicious act! Our Thanks and Appreciation to Guy at Hay Vets for his care and attention of Ted on an especially busy Saturday morning.  Ted was neutered when he had his wounds tended. He is about 3-4 years old. HCR is so pleased Jane has offered him sanctuary in her country home where he has the company of her other cats and is settling with the kind care and attention he deserves. Ted is a chatty chap, enjoying playing with his new friends and exploring his new home. Probably the first real home he has had! It is lovely to know something good has come from this for a poor homeless chap who had been living a paw to mouth existence! Update on Ted. He is now out and about and despite disappearing for two days, probably checking out his new territory, he seems to be settling happily into his new life!

The police have been informed.