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We are a small charity with no paid staff, completely reliant on donations to fund our running costs. These can be high: our vets' bill for one month can come in at £1,100 or more. We are very sorry but we are unable to pay vets' bills for animals other than those in our care.

We are also sorry that we have limited capacity to take in all the animals that need our help. Our pens and foster-homes are always over-subscribed, and space can only be found when one of the residents moves on to a permanent home.

All donations of money, food and goods to sell are gratefully received. Please see elsewhere on this site for details of events and help needed.

Are you a cat lover? Could you run a cat rescue?

Hay Cat Rescue has rescued, rehabilitated and found homes for over 1000 cats and kittens, and helped many more in other ways, since it was established in 2004.
So it is with a heavy heart that due to worsening Arthritis I will be unable to continue to provide this much needed service for the cats and the community for much longer.
Hay Cat Rescue is, therefore, looking for a reliable cat lover, or several cat lovers working together, willing and able to continue to run this small, independent, registered Charity. This involves accommodating, sometimes trapping, veterinary health checks, record keeping and fundraising, as well as delivering cats and kittens to their new homes. Some equipment is available to a committed and caring person.
Over the years HCR has been very generously supported by many kind and caring people who would, I am sure, continue to help with donations of cat food and goods for fundraising.
If no one is forthcoming, Hay Cat Rescue will close once the cats in our care have found their new homes.
For more information, or to offer a cat a home, please call Kathie on 01497 821401.


                                                                                                                      NUMBER 50          THE HAY AND DISTRICT         WINTER 2018

                                                                   Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas and Purrfect New Year!

As the Summer Mews was posted in July, Anne and I were struggling to accommodate a number of dumped and homeless Mother cats with kittens and concerned about rapidly depleting funds! An extremely long, hot summer and lack of homes did nothing to help!! Thankfully, all worries have eased, for now.

On 4th July, dear sleek, black, gentle Alice, a young homeless mother cat, abandoned in a garden at Clifford, just outside Hay, was trapped along with two of her kittens. Her other two kittens, about eight or nine weeks old, were gathered up next day and taken to Hay Vets where Alice was spayed and microchipped while her four kittens, all boys, had their first vaccine and chip. Once settled in a pen with her boys, now christened Alfie, Archie, Arthur and Angus, Alice was happy to have lots of fuss, though her boys were still quite shy. She had obviously been a loved pet, for a while at least, and I am very pleased to say she is much loved in her new home. How anyone could dump this little sweetheart and her family is beyond sad!

On 29th July, Kim, who has been displaying our posters in her new cattery at Kinnersley, couldn’t resist the pictures of the kittens and came with her husband to choose two to join her family of cats and dog.   As a home check was done several years ago, when Kim offered HCR cat Buster sanctuary, Angus and Archie could leave with them to settle into their new home as Jones and Newt. Kim is a sci-fi fan!

With pens full and knowing of another cat and kittens to accommodate, HCR was unable to take in Jellycat. In the hope of finding her a home in the meantime, her details were displayed on our website. Jellycat was 10 years old, had one eye removed and little sight in the other. Dear Win, who offered her a home with hers at Beulah, came to Hay to collect her on 5th August. It soon became apparent that her owner had been less then kind to Jellycat and just wanted rid of her. She had obviously lost one eye with flu as a kitten when the other eye was scarred too. Win managed to prise out of her owner that Jellycat had never been to the vet since, neither had she ever been wormed or flead and if no one offered her a home, Jellycat would be put to sleep! Now called Jenny, this sad tortoiseshell cat, very frightened and very tricky to handle has brought Win a lot of work, worry and expense giving her other cats flu and needing veterinary attention for her teeth. Despite Win’s undoubted kindness and care, the cat’s owner has been less than grateful with her appreciation to Win or HCR. We Thank Win for taking in this very difficult cat who is gradually appreciating and responding to her new life of love and care.

About the same time as rescuing Alice and her family we were made aware of a family in Talgarth in a similar plight. Pandora was trapped on 12th July along with kittens, Domino, Dice and little Checkers, who came a few days later. We thought the kittens were Pandora’s but she ignored them. As hoped, frightened young Mum cat, Pandora, now spayed and microchipped after trapping, was given sanctuary by Sue in her barn at Llanfilo on July 19th. Here, after spending a few weeks in a cage while she got used her surroundings and Sue’s other cats, Pandora, as she is still known, has settled in nicely and can now be stroked! What a difference for her to her former life of scavenging in the hedges and gardens around Talgarth.

We waited nearly a month for another home. Pretty Mango, by now four months old, was delivered to her new home on 27th August. One of three ginger and white kittens dumped in a layby near Newport? she was rescued when Val, on a coach trip, spotted them and asked the coach driver to stop to gather them up. The kittens were just five or six weeks old, quite confident and obviously been handled. We have no idea if their mother was abandoned with them. Once Vet checked and settled in the pen, the girls were christened Mango and Tango and their brother, Cider. Coming to HCR on 15th June, they all stayed for several months and were joined in their pen by Poppy, Fizz and Fuzz through all the long and terribly hot summer. It was hard to bear seeing them all stuck in their pens in the heat despite our best efforts to keep them cool with cotton bedding and entertained with lots of toys and a giant new climbing frame. During this long wait, they all escaped the pen, briefly, for a day trip to Hay Vets, for the snip, after microchipping and vaccinations! Young Samuel chose Mango to be his companion and planned to call her, Marbles. His Mum, says it was like having a new baby in the house! Marbles is much loved as she settles in her new home at Three Cocks, not far from Hay.

September 9th was a very special day! Dear Poppy, a very beautiful tortie with just the longest white whiskers, was offered a home, at last! A very sweet and heavily pregnant four years old Poppy came to HCR on 11th March. Lacking a pen, Poppy stayed in our bathroom, gave birth to her five gorgeous kittens, Petal, Puddy, Puddle, Pumpkin and Pip, lovingly looking after them as they grew, until a pen was available, eight weeks later! The kittens were all delivered to their lovely new homes, as reported in the Summer Mews, while Poppy waited and waited. Again, for lack of space and needing a pen for Alice and her family, Poppy moved over to join Mango, Tango, Cider, Fizz and Fuzz. Sometimes Poppy played with the kittens, sometimes she got annoyed with them, as she found it hard to have some quiet time to herself. Several ladies came to view this stunningly beautiful calico cat and would ‘let me know next day’! Not to be heard from again!! More than annoyed that they could see that dear Poppy was bored and very stressed, bothered by kittens that weren’t hers and more than fed up with being confined since March, I posted a ‘rant’ on the web saying as much! When I couldn’t stand seeing her cooped up anymore, I brought her back to the bathroom for a night and next morning, a Sunday, let her out into the garden. She was so pleased, running around the top terrace, not going far and appearing when called, if I couldn’t see her. About ten minutes after she was let out, Linda called to offer Poppy a home!! Poppy was not best pleased to be brought back in to be viewed, but once in, Linda said it was ok to take Poppy to her new home near Beulah. It seems that Linda had been looking at Poppy’s details on HCR website and couldn’t make up her mind whether to replace her recently passed dogs or get a cat. On seeing my ‘rant’ Linda thought she had to do something for Poppy!! John and I delivered dear Poppy to her new home that afternoon, now a mostly ‘retired’ farm, with the house backed by woods with miles of fields in front. It had taken six months for dear Poppy to finally land on her pretty paws!! Poppy has soon settled in. After a couple of weeks sitting on the landing window surveying her new territory, racing around with her toys or sleeping on the bed, she was allowed out to explore, at last! Linda says ‘Pops’ is now a free range farm girl! We hope Poppy is as thrilled with her new home as we are for her!

Then, at last, we were on a roll! A young family came the morning of Saturday 15th September to choose Cider and Fuzz. In the afternoon, another young family chose their sisters, Tango and Fizz. As each family was setting up a new small holding or farm and had plenty of land around, I tried for a home for Alice with her two remaining boys, Arthur and Alfie, as I was very anxious not to part Alice from her boys. She loved them so much and they her. Although they all liked her, the prospective new owners stuck with their chosen two kittens, to be delivered later in the week. The next day Jackie came with her daughter and granddaughter to view the kittens. Jackie knew I was wanting Alfie and Arthur to go together and soon found, when she fussed her, what a sweetheart Alice was too! Granddaughter persuaded her Gran it was a shame to break up the lovely family so Jackie, who, like Kim, had had a kitten from me some years ago, very kindly went home with Dear Alice, Alfie and Arthur!! They have kept their names, are much loved and settled happily into their new home at Great Oak, where they have taken over the territory of an older cat and a couple of dogs. I was thrilled to bits for the lovely Alice and her gorgeous boys!

A few days later, on Wednesday, 19th August, Cider and Fuzz joined their new family at a super cat place, an isolated old farm, way in the hills above Erwood. Here, their new family were just settling in, organising house renovations and plans for organic farming. One son, desperate to have a cat for a long time had had to wait, as their former home in Hereford was not deemed a safe place for cats! He came to see Tango but settled on her brother, Cider. Dear gentle, fluffy, black chap, Fuzz, was chosen to go with Cider. Fuzz and his sleek black sister, Fizz, came to HCR when they were ten weeks old, the result of a pet cat not being spayed, and their owners failed attempt to find them a home via facebook! Fizz and Fuzz are very  gentle and loving sweethearts. It was sad to send them to separate homes as, like Cider and Tango, they would play and cuddle up with their sibling but at least they had a pal and playmate in their new home. As the lad who chose Cider was not impressed at having his cat called after an alcoholic beverage, Cider, now answers to Tango! Fuzz is still Fuzz. Cider was very anxious about the rather large resident dog at first, while Fuzz, more confident, was fine and cuddled up with his pal to reassure him. The boys were soon out and about inspecting their new territory with endless fields and lots of barns and out houses to investigate.

The following Saturday, September 22nd, their sisters were delivered to their new home at Ewyas Harold. Like their brothers, Tango and Fizz will have lots of surrounding fields to hunt and play in once they are allowed out. Tango and Fizz are to keep their names too, as they settle in to be gentle companions for two younger children in this household. It’s rather nice to know Alice, Arthur, Alfie, Fizz, Fuzz and Tango have all kept the names I had first chosen for them and even Cider has a ‘family’ name as another Tango! The departure of Fizz and Tango left the Woodlands pens empty at last, making up for the months of work, worry and despair!

The icing on the cake came when Anne was offered a home for Domino and Dice, two of the kittens from the hedges of Talgarth! They were probably Pandora’s kittens, she wouldn’t have anything to do with them in the confines of the pen! These pretty, fluffy black and white kits were something of a worry and defied all of Anne’s best efforts to resolve the problem! One kitten just would not poo in the litter tray, nor on the grit or newspaper provided!! It was looking like they’d have to go a barn or stable as who would give a home to such a naughty kitten? Jenny would!! Anne suspected it was a protest vote at being cooped up and the culprit, young Dice, would be fine once out of the confines of the pen. Luckily Jenny thought the same and she was!! Jenny, a longstanding supporter of Hay Cat Rescue, had recently lost her old, much loved cat, when she and her husband went to view the kittens and offer them a home. Anne was relieved and thrilled to bits as we don’t normally home kittens to barns and didn’t really want to do so for Domino and Dice. Domino, answers to Max and Dice is Molly in their new home at Weobley where Jenny and her husband are so very pleased with their pretty kittens. After months of frustration and despair, nine of our cats and kittens had found loving homes, in just ten days. Anne and I were so very pleased for them all and us too!

Wonky Dave, soon came fill one pen at Woodlands after being delivered to Hay Vets to make a start on his vaccines and be microchipped. Not happy at being shut in the small confines of his pen while he settled in, he pulled the cat flap out of the wall and let himself out into his run. Luckily, we had a replacement which took John much longer to install than it had taken Dave to wreck! After that Dave spent more and more time outside which became quite a worry as the nights were turning cold and damp. He had lots of bedding to reflect his body warmth but was that enough? Wonky Dave, just two years old, came from Brecon where his owner had him as a kitten. He was to help fill the space left in her life when her husband passed away. Her husband, who used a walking aid, was known as Wonky Granddad. This name seems to have been passed on, by the grandchildren, to the cat! Sadly, not long after Dave settled into his home, his owner was taken ill and passed away. With no one in the family able to give Dave a home, daughter Karen asked if HCR could help. She was devastated to lose another part of her family and we kept in touch while Dave misbehaved! When one person came to view this handsome big black chap, after a fuss or two he grabbed their arm with his paws and sunk his teeth into their sleeve!! He did it to me a few days later! Who was going to take on this naughty chap now?! A couple from Peterchurch came to view him. I did warn them he could be naughty! After a few fusses he was best left, but they thought him handsome, had a previous cat that bit and willing to give him a try, thinking like me, Dave was probably pretty bored and fed up being stuck in his pen and then got too excited when visited! Well, we all hoped that was the case! Seems it was as I delivered him to his new home at Peterchurch on 1st November, exactly six weeks from the day he came. By the end of his first day he was lounging on the sofa! He plays with his toys, sits on the window sill surveying his new surrounds, sleeps on the bed, is learning to answer to ‘Jack’ now and is much loved! We hope he will have a long and happy life in his new home! Karen was so very pleased for him.

On 10th November Andy and Amber were delivered to their new home down a track at Lyonshall. These two scallywags came from a farm at Builth Wells. At nearly eleven weeks old and not handled, they were rather tricky to befriend and took a long time to even accept a stroke. Andy is a stunningly handsome tabby and white chap with beautiful black markings and a tabby cummerbund around his tummy. Sister Amber has a tabby head, white collar and mostly white body with tabby cloak. Eventually, after much bribing with Dreamies, she would allow me to pick her up, while Andy accepted a fuss as he ate, so they needed a very patient owner! While they waited for Laura to appear and offer them a home, the kittens were vaccinated and microchipped, then neutered. They hid at first, when Laura came to inspect them, but soon settled to play. Andy quickly discovered Laura’s pocket was filled with his favourite Dreamies and helped himself out of her pocket while she sat talking to him! In their new home they have Flora, a beautiful big black Labradoodle for company. At pains to emphasise the kittens, by now seventeen weeks, will take some time to settle enough to be let out to explore the wood and fields around, Laura, who is very pleased with them, has taken this on board. She realises they will need some time and patience and lots of bribing with Dreamies as they settle in their new home, before she can think of letting them out. Laura has chosen to call Andy, Chui, meaning ‘Leopard’ in Swahili, and Amber is now Luna. Though my pens were empty, at last,   Tilly, Tommy and Taffy were making themselves comfortable in the hall!

Anne has been very worried about young Checkers, one of the Talgarth kittens. While attempts were being made to rescue him, he spent three days in a hedge without food or water, not good for a little chap about eight weeks old or his immune system. This little tabby and white chap, was rather fluey and much in need of Anne’s TLC. Feeling he wasn’t strong enough, Anne was reluctant to make him available for a new home. As recent neutering has set him back again, Anne has offered him sanctuary as one of her merry band of cats, so he has lots of Love and company and, hopefully, will get stronger as he grows into adulthood.

On November 22nd pretty tabby and white kitten, Tilly, was delivered to her new home at Kingsthorne, where she is still called Tilly and had lots of toys waiting for her! Tilly came with her white and tabby brother, Tommy, and black brother, Taffy, from the same hedge in Talgarth as Checkers, Domino and Dice! As all have similar coats and markings, I suspect their mother and Pandora were sisters! Their mother, who was captured at the same time, now spayed and microchipped, has been offered a home by Hannah who was worried about the little family coming into her porch to eat her cat’s food. These four bring the total of cats and kittens HCR has taken from Talgarth over the years to 70! The kittens, just about seven weeks old when they came, having been residing in a cage in our hall at night and spending their day playing with their toys and sleeping in the tower of the large scratch post in the hall while learning to be handled. Evenings are spent rearranging the furniture in our sitting room as they wait for their forever home!

With Checkers now signed over to Anne and Tilly settling in her new home, this brings the total of cats and kittens homed this year, so far, to 43 and 1138 since HCR was founded in 2004.

We are still desperate for a new home of her own for dear Seren who came into Annes’ care at the beginning of May. Seren is a lovely tabby and white lass, about 8 years old. She was in a very distressed state, abandoned and hungry when she was taken to Arrowfield Vets at Kington. After spending the summer wheezing and being treated for Asthma, x rays discovered she had two airgun pellets lodged in her elbow and close to her spine. The elbow pellet has been removed while the other has been deemed, so far, too difficult to remove. Seren is a sweetheart who likes a comfy life sitting on laps but is not keen on other cats which has made things tricky for Anne who has confined her to the sitting room and Peters’ lap in the meantime. Anne says she is a sweetheart and no trouble to care for and would dearly love Seren to be settled in a home of her own. We so hope a kindly soul will offer Seren a home before long!

Anne has also been caring for Kitty, a rather striking tortie, about two years old, from Knighton, where a kind lady found her as abandoned/stray and looked after her while trying to locate her owner and having her checked over at the local vets. Kitty has been offered at home at Norton Canon on 7th December.

Thank you so very much to all those kind souls who responded very generously with contributions to the Kitty after the appeal in the Summer Mews. This was the first time HCR has ever asked for help despite not having any big fundraising events since November 2014! As mentioned earlier our rapidly depleting funds were becoming a worry with the cost of all the incoming kittens and cats in need of vaccinations, microchipping, neutering and other veterinary treatment. A very timely and splendid cheque arrived just as the summer Mews was posted! This from Norma who wanted us to share in a legacy for helping her, when no one else would, to trap ten cats that arrived, stayed and produced more, at her farm at Llangattock in 2016. HCR came away then with pregnant cat, Meg and four of her last family of kittens. This was soon followed by many very generous donations from friends and family for which we send our heartfelt Thanks and Appreciation.

In view of our financial position at the time of the AGM in August, Sarah very kindly offered to organise some fundraising for HCR. As intentions to book a table in Hay Butter market on a Thursday didn’t work out, Sarah offered to add some goodies to sell for HCR on her stall at Malvern Flea Market on Sunday 9th December. Our Thanks to Elizabeth contributing her super catnip sachets and Lisa for her lovely cake stands and little hearts with cats on, to add to the items for sale on Sarah’s stall. Deemed too big to sell in the limited space on the stall, Lisa has offered to sell Marina’s Christmas door garlands in her vintage shop in Kington, along with more cake stands and hearts for HCR. Thank you all so very much for all the time and effort given to make these goodies to sell. If anyone would like any of these items, displayed on HCR website, and can’t get to Malvern or Kington, let me know to reserve them, to be collected from Woodlands.

 A very Merry Christmas and Happy Cat cuddling New Year!