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We are a small charity with no paid staff, completely reliant on donations to fund our running costs. These can be high: our vets' bill for one month can come in at £1,100 or more. We are very sorry but we are unable to pay vets' bills for animals other than those in our care.

We are also sorry that we have limited capacity to take in all the animals that need our help. Our pens and foster-homes are always over-subscribed, and space can only be found when one of the residents moves on to a permanent home.

All donations of money, food and goods to sell are gratefully received. Please see elsewhere on this site for details of events and help needed.

Are you a cat lover? Could you run a cat rescue?

Hay Cat Rescue has rescued, rehabilitated and found homes for over 1000 cats and kittens, and helped many more in other ways, since it was established in 2004.
So it is with a heavy heart that due to worsening Arthritis I will be unable to continue to provide this much needed service for the cats and the community for much longer.
Hay Cat Rescue is, therefore, looking for a reliable cat lover, or several cat lovers working together, willing and able to continue to run this small, independent, registered Charity. This involves accommodating, sometimes trapping, veterinary health checks, record keeping and fundraising, as well as delivering cats and kittens to their new homes. Some equipment is available to a committed and caring person.
Over the years HCR has been very generously supported by many kind and caring people who would, I am sure, continue to help with donations of cat food and goods for fundraising.
If no one is forthcoming, Hay Cat Rescue will close once the cats in our care have found their new homes.
For more information, or to offer a cat a home, please call Kathie on 01497 821401.









                                                                                                                                NUMBER 48                                                            WINTER 2017                                                                                                              


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and purr-fect New Year!


With the last kitten of 2016, Hetti, homed to me, on January 23rd 2017 and a knee operation in February, Hay Cat Rescue was, as in 2016, ‘out of action’ for the first part of the year. A six years old, homeless, white, long haired Persian chap, christened Teddy, was the first to fill a pen, late at night, on 11th July. Just two days later came a brown tabby Mum cat, Bessie, followed in a few days, by her four beautiful tabby boys, six weeks old and soon christened Billy, Bobby, Bertie and Buster. Naming them was easy, telling them apart much harder! The pens, here, were full again!

Teddy had, very strangely, been turning up for several months, between 9 and 11pm at night, at a house in Hereford, where a kindly chap was giving him some food but could not keep him in rented lodgings with his two dogs. He was very concerned about Teddy’s shabby state as his fur was badly matted across his back. Teddy, as a homeless pedigree cat, was a complete mystery! Sadly, this very loving chap wasn’t micro chipped. His matted coat was removed at Hay Vets, as well as having the usual flea and worm treatment and vaccinations. He returned to the vets for some dental treatment and having been neutered before he came to us, was ready for his new home. Teddy loved a cuddle but wasn’t quite so keen on being brushed! An advert for him was spotted at Hay Vets by a local cat loving lady who offered him a home with her family of cats at Llanigon. His new owner had already booked him to be micro chipped the next day. A wise move! At Llanigon Teddy has another, elderly and blind, long haired black Persian cat, a Bengal, a Siamese and a black and white ‘moggie’, for company. Naughty Teddy escaped several times for several days but thankfully, hadn’t gone far and knowing his name, responded to calls of ‘Teddy’ both from me and his new owner, returning him indoors to start the settling in process again! Perhaps he is rather partial to a wander, which may account for his original homelessness! Teddy, is registered as Theodore Archimedes Fulfar! But still answers to Teddy! Teddy was homed on August 10th, about 4pm. By 8pm there was another cat in need of his pen!

Whilst at the Vets sorting Teddy out, I happened to ask if anyone could help with some trapping and was incredibly lucky to find Emma was willing! At Llyswen, Mum and her four kittens were living in the garden belonging to Mary, an elderly lady, who was concerned to see the little ones scaling her bird table to feed on the bird’s bread. Luckily the garden was just a few minutes from Emma’s home. Mum cat was soon caught on Thursday and Emma took her too work at Hay Vets next morning where she was spayed, flead and wormed before she came here to rest in the bigger pen. Emma put food out for the kittens to keep them close by and encourage them into the trap. All four were caught by Saturday evening. It was another stroke of luck that Emma had a cage to put them in her garage overnight and delivered them to me on Sunday morning. Between us we managed to sex them, all frightened little boys, and administer Stronghold to each before joining their Mum, now Bessie, in their pen. Bessie was very pleased, and I think relieved, to see her kittens and they her. I can’t Thank Emma enough for all her help in gathering up this little family and saving me lots of toing and froing setting traps and recovering them from Llyswen at least twenty minutes away. It took a little while before Bessie would accept being stroked as she ate. About a year old, she seems to have had a rotten time, either being abandoned before or once she was pregnant, then living on her wits, and chased off while trying to provide for her growing family. Fiona, who has given Bessie a home, feels she has been kicked at some point as she is most anxious with people in front of her but has improved enormously and is much more relaxed as she settles in her new home. She loved her beautiful tabby lads and was very upset when they left for their new homes. Billy, the darkest and smallest of her boys was the first away to his new home at Boughrood on August 16th. Here he has former HCR kitten, Munchkin, for company and he is now Spog!! We do try to home the kittens in pairs so they have a pal and playmate to help them settle in their new home. Of course, this isn’t always possible but it is nice when there is another cat for company.

Bertie and Buster were so very alike, each with lots of ginger on their grey tabby faces, and, as they seemed especially best buddies, a home for them together, was hoped for. As Bessie had had enough sadness in her life already and so loved her boys, we hoped for a home for her with one of her kittens. She was sad losing Billy and both she and Bobby were heart broken when Bertie and Buster left for their new home, and hardly ate for a week. What sadness it is for animals to part with their family. Bessie had done so very well raising them and keeping them together, she deserved some love and kindness for herself.

Bertie and Buster were chosen, by Bridget, for their country home at Llanigon, not far from Hay. Bridget still can’t tell them apart, though one is bigger than the other now! This delightful pair of scallywags are into alsorts of mischief but like to cuddle up with Bridget when she sits down at night! She seems very pleased with that! Bridget calls them Dandelion and Burdock, they make her laugh with their antics and is quite bewildered as to why sprawling across the kitchen table is so popular with the boys! They were delivered to their new life with Bridget on 26th August.

In the meantime, Lupin was the newest recruit to the pen vacated by Teddy. Lupin had been hanging around at Bronllys for awhile trying to ingratiate himself with a cat owner there. Gill was going on holiday and concerned for him but not able to give him sanctuary. He came on the morning of Sunday 13th August. He slept most of the time, was riddled with flea bites and generally in a sorry state. Vet, Louise was bothered as soon as she saw him on the 17th, thinking he’d best be tested. The resulting dreadful news was he was FIV positive and generally not well and it would be best to put him to sleep. This and hearing someone would not feed a little family of kittens, just six weeks old, while waiting for space in a pen, was just too much to bear.

With the sad loss of Lupin, a freshly disinfected pen was available to take a family of five kittens and their cousin, after all. They were all black! 14 weeks on, I am heartbroken to say four of them are still here! Trapped along with the kittens were their Mums, both black, one long haired, one short. They had been dumped as kittens and the farmer lady had done nothing about them until they produced their families of 8 kittens, that we know of, between them. There really is no excuse for leaving these cats to produce more unwanted kittens when CP will give a neutering voucher for just £5. It was disheartening that £10 to hire two traps to gather up these cats and kittens was begrudged despite HCR relieving her of a growing problem. HCR has spent well over £700 on veterinary treatment without counting the cost of food and litter for these past fourteen weeks. We are indebted to Nicola & Bryan for giving sanctuary to the two young Mums, now Maud & Madge, at short notice, in a barn at their country home, on 20th August, once the girls were spayed. As young cats Maud and Madge, hopefully, will soon be willing to be stroked when they have settled in. At last they are wanted, will be cared for and have a much better life! All we ask for them.

Despite being very frightened, the kittens trapped along with their Mums, were checked over, sexed, flead and wormed at Hay Vets who very thoughtfully, gave each a different colour collar, so I could tell them apart, as well as documenting their details.! This was a great help though it has taken a while to tell them apart!! A very frightened Jenny, Johnnie, Jack, Jasper, Jerry and cousin Joey, had a lot to learn about food and litter trays!!

In the meantime, Anne was looking after Stanley, her first charge for 18 months, following her own poorly summer of 2016. Stanley also went to his new home on August 20th. Anne was delighted, amazed and heartbroken all at once to part with him so suddenly!! This gorgeous young ginger and white chap was  about four months old. He stayed, one week, just long enough to be neutered, before being spied on the website she had set up, and snapped up, by Elizabeth and her husband, Gareth! Anne had fallen in love with this little chap, as does everyone who meets him! Christened Stanley by Anne, this gorgeous chap with extra toes on his large paws was roaming around an estate in Hereford. Concerned for his welfare, a young couple had no luck in finding his owner. In rented accommodation with a no pet policy, they couldn’t keep him but gave him sanctuary for a night to keep him safe. The next morning they took him to CP who, with no room at theirs, put a paper collar around his neck and said to put him back out and let his owners claim him!! Less than pleased with this, the couple took him to Anne. Just a week later Gareth called to meet Stanley and take him home! His sudden and unexpected departure was a bit of a shock for Anne! Elizabeth and Gareth already have Jamaica Rose and Theodora Valentine, both former HCR kittens with a previous home check. This super chap, now called Freddie, soon met the girls, sheep, dog and donkey in his new country home at Brilley and captivated all! Elizabeth and Gareth are totally besotted with him and pleased to have a ginger cat sitting by the fire again. They sadly and unexpectedly lost, Sir Henry Morgan, that super ginger and white chap on our website and brother to the black cat, Jamaica Rose, a couple of years ago. With a ginger space to fill, this lovely, lucky chap has landed on his enormous paws!!

August 20th was also the day Anne received three very pretty kittens, a fluffy black and white chap, Minton, and his lovely tortoiseshell sisters, Cinnamon and Saffron, about six weeks old. A bit wary but not too frightened, these kittens, unlike my black ones, had been handled, although, after living in a shed as they had been, they needed a wash and brush up when they arrived! Minton was the first away, on 14th September. This gorgeous and charming little fluffy black chap with white paws, bib and moustache was soon snapped up by another HCR cat owner, our logo designer, Shelagh, who got in first!! Another kitten everyone fell in love with!! Shelagh has kept the name Anne chose for Minton as he settles in with the dearest, most loving cat, Ant, and his best friend Salem, at Clyro.

Eight days later, Anne delivered Minton’s sisters, Saffron and Cinnamon, to their new home near Builth Wells where they have been ruling the roost, climbing the curtains and generally ‘terrassing’ their new owners with their antics! Their dog is long suffering and the older cat keeps to its own quarters for now! Despite being a pair of ‘home wreckers, the little spice girls, who have also kept the names Anne chose for them, are very much loved.

Next day, September 23rd, I delivered dear tabby Mum cat, Bessie, her remaining son Bobby and black kitten, Joey, to their new home at Staunton on Arrow. There were several offers of homes for Bessie and Bobby, in barns or stables but I wanted a better life for this lovely, gentle cat after all she had been through as an abandoned pet and we do not home kittens to barns. We, reluctantly, did this once to keep a family together a few years ago and within a year were asked to take them back and break up the family. Anne and I won’t do it again! Fiona came to visit, offering a home for the tabby pair when she returned from holiday. Next day she called to say Joey could join them! Bessie is known as Mimi in her new life and new home, her son, Bobby is Luca and Joey, now Ozzy. Rather frightened at first and hiding, Bobby, was soon leading the investigation of their new surroundings. Resident cat, Mali wasn’t too impressed with the invasion of his territory. As they settle in and get used to their new home, they are three very lucky pussy cats who have landed on their paws at last, enjoying lots of fuss, cuddles and sleeps on the sofa.

Lady was the next away to her new home at Brilley on 18th October. Here she has the company of three other cats she seems happy with and now answers to Blueberry. This beautiful and very loving all grey cat was, like Bessie, an abandoned pet. She had been about at Holme Marsh, near Lyonshall, for awhile though no one realised she had kittens until they were seen in a gentleman’s car port one night. Anne embarked on a mission to trap the family, though no one was sure how many there were! Mum was soon caught, on 21st September, and delivered to Arrowfield Vets at Kington, for the usual spay, flea and worm. Then what to do? Should Mum go back to gather up the kitten/s and feed them? Food and a trap had been left just in case. Anne was advised not to let Lady out so soon after her spay so had to hope the kittens stayed about and went into the trap. One little black chap was caught on 24th September, his black sister, two days later. The kittens joined Mum in the pen at Anne’s where they soon learned to use their litter tray and have regular food. Anne christened them Tramp and Gyspy as a nod to their itinerant past. The little lad just froze while the little girl was furious about it all! As usual, Anne soon brought them around!

They, like all our black kittens, are now waiting for a new home! Lady, being grey and about 18 months old, was chosen almost immediately she was displayed on HCR website. She even had a second offer of a home should the first fall through. Sadly, there was no offer for a black kitten instead! As I type this, in mid November, we have 15 kittens in our care, 11 of them BLACK!! Our four little brindle girls are very dark too! Four of the little black family, Jenny, Jack, Johnnie and Jerry who came when they were just six weeks old, are now 5 months. It’s been heartbreaking to see this bunch of scallywags still stuck in the pen. It is hard to bear when people come to see them but don’t give them chance of a home because, not being used to seeing other people, they hide at first but it doesn’t usually take them long to come out to play!

Jasper, brother of the black pawed gang, was lucky to find an understanding young lady who sat to tempt the family with a dangling toy and soon had them all playing catch. Jasper, a lovely black fluffy chap and his brothers, as it happened, were neutered and micro chipped the day before her visit. Already vaccinated too, Jasper was ready to go to his new home in Hay next day, 21st October. Here, Jasper is to be known as Hogie, has two other cats to be pals with as well as a young dog. When I left Jasper he seemed very happy being cradled in his new Mum’s arms. He has settled in well, soon sitting on laps and cuddling up with the other cats. Not so shy after all!!

Treacle arrived on 12th September. This beautiful, very friendly, sleek black cat had been hanging around at Gladestry for awhile. Seeing the cat was pregnant, a kindly resident fed her and gave her shelter in her porch much to the annoyance of her own tom cat. With no pen space and not wanting to leave her in case she had her kittens out somewhere, after a vet check, she came to stay in our bathroom for a few weeks! The Vets estimated her to be 8 -12 months old, a kitten herself, with her family due in a week to ten days. As it happened we were going to a funeral in Wolverhampton in ten days and Sarah was on a very kind promise to do the lunch and tea time feeding rounds. On day ten, September 22nd, with an extra early start of the morning cleaning, feeding and changing rounds, I got down stairs in time to find Treacle was about to produce! I managed to get an incontinence pad under her in time and every time I popped my head around the door between seeing to the other pen mates, she had produced two more kittens. They all looked very dark! Black even!! Treacle timed it all to perfection, allowing me time to make her clean and comfortable before we had to leave. Sarah came a long way to take care of everyone at feeding times so it was lovely for Sarah to meet the newborns! Treacle is the proud Mum of four brindle girls, Tatiana, (Tati), Thula, Thandi and Taliesin (Tali), and two black lads, Tumble and Toffee. The boys are almost identical, both have a white patch under their chin and a white heart between their back legs.

The kittens along with Mum, all had the first part of their vaccines on November 24th when they were nine weeks old. Treacle was spayed and micro chipped when her kittens were six weeks old.

Kittens Tatiana (Tati) and sister, Taliesin, (Tali) were the first of the family to leave their Mum, and siblings on November 27th when they were delivered to their new home at Rhulen. Here, they have an older cat to make friends with as well as a collie dog. Tali is to keep her name as Tally while Tatiana will be known as Tweenie. Their new home, well out in the sticks, is surrounded by acres of fields with some stables to explore and horses to meet, when the girls are old enough to go out.

Next day Treacle was delivered to her new home at Grafton, again well out in the countryside on the edge of Hereford. Treacle was due to leave for another home on 25th but an early morning call left her available again. Just a few hours later Rosa came with her young son, Freddie, to view Treacle’s kittens and on finding Treacle so easily affectionate and friendly, as well as already neutered and micro chipped, chose her to be their new companion. Treacle, who is to keep her name, will be so pleased to have constant attention!

In the meantime, Anne, who has been working her magic on socialising Gypsy and Tramp, has taken in two more black kittens, born to a homeless, unhandled cat at Painscastle. Mother has been spayed and given sanctuary in a barn while Anne brings on the kittens from frightened little mites about eight weeks old, as they learn to use the litter tray and eat cat food. Anne has christened this pretty pair of sweethearts, Calypso and Calliope.

Since starting up again in July we have helped six females who have produced or were about to produce a litter of kittens. Three Mums were trapped, spayed and rehomed after hiring out our traps while their kittens came to us and we have taken in three more Mums with kittens to care for and rehome. It is so sad to find very loving young cats abandoned and unneutered. It is also very disappointing to still be finding ‘feral’ cats able to produce, despite all the work done and help given to stop this over the years by HCR and other cat rescues.

As well as taking in and caring for the afore mentioned, our traps have been out many times to help recapture, neuter and rehome a variety of cats. As we do our best to help, charging, an often begrudged, £5 a week for trap hire, it is rather annoying when they come back broken!

While we were unable to care for any cats ourselves for the early part of the year, HCR website has found homes for six cats, kindly taken in by Liz. As a former CP fosterer and RSPCA Area Manager, Liz had taken them to help another ‘rescue’ she was concerned about. It has taken a year for her worries to be taken seriously though sadly many of the cats at that ‘Trust’ have had to be put to sleep. We are pleased to have helped Liz to get a few away to happy homes. Our Thanks to Liz for making a few pens ‘available’ several times when we needed back up with more cats in need than we could take in but Thankfully this resolved itself without needing to trouble Liz.

Quite by chance we have gone into selling furniture with the hope of raising some funds! An advert for homes, was spotted by Sue, down from London, clearing a house in Hay after her friend Wendy had passed away. As she couldn’t take the larger furniture with her, she offered it to HCR to sell for funds. Sue thought Wendy, being an animal lover, would have been pleased with this! On meeting Sue we discovered that ‘Wendy’ was in fact a founder member of Hay Cat Rescue who had been supporting us for many years with donations and prizes for our fayres. Wendy sadly passed away in January shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. Sue helps with CP in London and we soon realised that cat troubles here are nothing like those in London! They have even more black cats!

After months of despair, distress and sadness at seeing Jenny, Johnnie, Jack and Jerry cooped up in their pen, Christmas has come early for them and me!! A pair of Angels, Steve and Lee, appeared on December 2nd and to my amazement and delight, offered a home for all four so the family could stay together! Jenny was already booked to go in January but her intended new owner was very happy for Jenny to stay with her family. On December 4th, John and I delivered the four black kittens to their super new home at Much Cowarne. Here, their lovely country home is down a track, surrounded by acres of fields to play in, once they have settled indoors. Part of the family of six kittens that came aged just six weeks, in August, now twenty one weeks old. While they waited the kittens were all neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped, ready for their new home. It has all worked out for the best and, now, was worth all the heart ache and worry for them!! They have well and truly landed on their paws! Jack, now quite a large smooth haired black chap is to keep his name in memory of another much loved cat called Jack. Brother Johnnie, a fluffy black chap, is to be Bert in memory of family loved ones. Names for sister Jenny, a very pretty, small fluffy black kitten and Jerry, her small smooth coated black brother, have yet to be decided as they settle in. It will take awhile for Steve and Lee to tell them apart! This lovely, gentle family have truly landed on their paws!!

Anne is still caring for black kittens, Gypsy and Tramp, now 5 months old as well as black kittens, Calliope and Calypso, 3 months old. Treacle’s kittens, brindle sisters, Thandi, Thula and their black brothers, Tumble and Toffee, at 11 weeks, are all still waiting for their Christmas!

HCR is very pleased to have homed 24 lucky cats and kittens this year and a total of 1092 since 2004.


My heartfelt Thanks to Anne for all her work and care she gives to our waifs and strays while they wait for a home. To Sarah, as stand in feeder on tricky away days! To Jo, Gill, Jean, Shelia, Kay and Patsy for their very generous support for the Kitty and not least to John who makes all things possible!!

With my love and all Good Wishes, Kathie xx


Hay Cat Rescue, Kathie Wilks, Woodlands, Cusop Dingle, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR3 5RQ Tel/Fax 01497 821401.www.haycatrescue.co.uk