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We are a small charity with no paid staff, completely reliant on donations to fund our running costs. These can be high: our vets' bill for one month can come in at £1,100 or more. We are very sorry but we are unable to pay vets' bills for animals other than those in our care.

We are also sorry that we have limited capacity to take in all the animals that need our help. Our pens and foster-homes are always over-subscribed, and space can only be found when one of the residents moves on to a permanent home.

All donations of money, food and goods to sell are gratefully received. Please see elsewhere on this site for details of events and help needed.

Are you a cat lover? Could you run a cat rescue?

Hay Cat Rescue has rescued, rehabilitated and found homes for over 1000 cats and kittens, and helped many more in other ways, since it was established in 2004.
So it is with a heavy heart that due to worsening Arthritis I will be unable to continue to provide this much needed service for the cats and the community for much longer.
Hay Cat Rescue is, therefore, looking for a reliable cat lover, or several cat lovers working together, willing and able to continue to run this small, independent, registered Charity. This involves accommodating, sometimes trapping, veterinary health checks, record keeping and fundraising, as well as delivering cats and kittens to their new homes. Some equipment is available to a committed and caring person.
Over the years HCR has been very generously supported by many kind and caring people who would, I am sure, continue to help with donations of cat food and goods for fundraising.
If no one is forthcoming, Hay Cat Rescue will close once the cats in our care have found their new homes.
For more information, or to offer a cat a home, please call Kathie on 01497 821401.




                                                                                                                                NUMBER 49                                                            SUMMER 2018


 With lots of time taken up with trapping, accepting, settling in and trips to the Vets to deal with a sudden influx of kittens and abandoned families to trap, it has been difficult to find time to write this Summer Mews, originally intended for the end of June! Firstly, a very belated Thank You so very much for all the lovely messages and very generous donations received following the Winter Mews at Christmas time when nearly £1000 was added to the Hay Cat Rescue Kitty! Such support is very much appreciated, especially as there has been no fundraising events to top up the Kitty for some time and our intentions to retire seem to come to nought! Again!!

Just before Christmas Anne was offered a home for two black kittens, 5 months old Gypsy and Tramp whose grey Mother, Lady, Anne homed in October. This little family had been living rough at Holme Marsh, near Kington and needed Anne’s trapping skills to gather them up. By 1st December we were caring for 15 kittens, even Mother cat, Treacle, was still a kitten and 11 of these were black! After many months of work and worry, caring for them and praying for homes, as they grew up in the pens, and no one seemingly wanting black cats, four black siblings, Jennie, Johnnie, Jack and Jerry were offered a super home at Much Cowarne on December 4th. This broke the mould and gradually all found new homes! Gypsy and Tramp joined their new family at Much Birch on December 14th where Gypsy is now known as Seren and Tramp now answers to Charlie. They are much loved and gaining confidence after their sad, unhandled start.

Hay Cat Rescue was pleased to find homes for 26 cats and kittens in 2017 bringing HCR homing total, thus far, to 1094 since 2004. Even these few homes were somewhat unexpected as yours truly, had started the year with an operation for a new knee and unable to care for any cats from January to July 2017. (Celia Hammond reports of homing over 3000 in 2017! So good & so sad!)

Anne delivered two more black kittens, Calypso and Calliope to their new home together in Malvern on New Year’s Day, 2018. They were just fourteen weeks old and from Painscastle where their Mother, a ‘feral’ cat, was spayed and given sanctuary in a local barn. Her kittens were luckier! Anne worked her magic on these frightened little poppets, getting them used to being handled and using their litter trays. The kittens were soon settling in their new home as affectionate playmates for young Thomas who was very pleased they were sleeping on his bed. Calliope is called Suki in her new life and sister, Calypso, is now Willow. Resident cat Lily didn’t take long to accept their presence as they settled in with her in their new home.

Treacle’s brindle daughter, Thandi, at 15 weeks, was next away to her new home on 11th January. Here, in her country home on the other side of Cusop, she has the company of Pumpkin, also brindle. Her new owners have chosen to call her Treacle, like her Mother, which is very appropriate for a toffee coloured cat! Thandi, now Treacle, is a confident little lass not bothered by Pumpkins’ less than enthusiastic welcome and the girls soon settled down with each other, as they do!

On January 13th, Thandi’s sister, Thula and brother, Tumble, were delivered to their new home at Bodenham, Hereford. Here, now Rosie and Jim, the two young scallywags have run their new owner ragged with their lively antics though she loves them to bits and has very kindly rung a few times to say everyone loves them and they have stopped climbing the curtains!

Next day, Sarah came to collect Toffee, the last of Treacle’s six kittens to join her happy band of 7 other HCR cats, and Freddie at Llangenny. Toffee is Loki in his new life and has a lovely time being led astray, catching this and that, by former HCR bundle of fluff, Puff!

On January 29th Anne gave Scooby sanctuary with her family of cats. About 18 years old, blind and deaf, she wasn’t likely to find a home! Scooby came from Builth Wells where a kind lady had taken her she in as a stray then found her presence was not acceptable to her other cat and dogs. A vet check revealed she was microchipped in 2001 in Birmingham as Scooby Doo! We suspect her owner was elderly and either passed away or had gone to a nursing home and poor Scooby was left to fend for herself! Though we shall never know how she came to be homeless, she has landed on her paws and is best friends with Anne’s cat, Summer, who washes Scooby clean!

 Sooty, Tiger and Tibby were next to fill a pen at Woodlands after a call from a lady in Brecon, about to go into hospital, brought them to our attention. This band of waifs and strays had been taken in and fed by two kind ladies who were themselves rather challenged. With one lady due to go into hospital and the other not very able, there was no one to feed the cats and keep them out of the winter weather. All three of the cats had been abandoned or neglected. Sooty, was about ten years old, as was Tibby, a tabby chap who liked to take a swipe, and Tiger, a very handsome but grumpy chap about four years old? All went straight to Hay Vets where Tiger was neutered and all needed dentals and some teeth removed. Sooty took her stay especially badly. It was a struggle to get her to eat and not much chance to sort her out as she was wanted back by the end of the week but not at the house she came from! She had had a dental, flea, worm and microchip but no chance to feel the benefit of any rest before her return. She had some eye trouble too, but again there wasn’t time to treat! Hay Vet nurse, Pam, kindly delivered a tube of cream for her which then proved too difficult for the ladies to administer! A few weeks later we were called again to take Sooty in, with a repeat of the hospital situation. The suggestion that she was found another home was not well received! When we called to collect her again there was ‘no one at home’ and was later told someone else would look after Sooty during her owner’s hospital stay. This was all rather upsetting, especially for Sooty, as she wasn’t having the chance to settle anywhere and apparently had tummy trouble too which was hardly surprising as the poor cat was being moved around so much. Another cat lady, with links to these, later called to say she was taking Sooty in and intended her to stay permanently, which was such good news. This lovely black cat will have a proper home and be settled, at last.  

Offered a home the same weekend, Tiger joined his new family in Abbeycwmhir, on 4th February, while Tibby waited for the second part of his vaccine. Tiger came back to Hay for his when it was due. Tiger is known as Milo in his new life. This very handsome longhaired grey and white chap will be much happier in a proper home of his own at last where he has taken charge of the dogs who have to sit on the floor while he makes himself comfortable on the sofa! His new Mum, Meryl’s previous HCR cat passed away last year leaving the space to be filled by Tiger. He has swopped his housing estate for the life of a country gent at the very edge of the hamlet surrounded by fields. As I had done a home check for her previous cat, Hunter, I knew just what a lovely place Tiger would be going to, so Meryl popped him in a basket and took him home with her!

George, a very handsome tabby chap with white bib and paws, had been hanging around Woodlands for many months gradually ingratiating himself with the feline residents, except my ginger Tuti! Eventually, when we were both brave enough, he accepted a fuss and some Broadline on the back of his neck. He walked into the trap he watched me set with pilchards, followed by a trip to the vets to have ‘his pockets picked’, as Anne’s describes neutering, as well as a health check. He had been limping but nothing untoward was found. George soon settled in a pen and was so keen to have a fuss it was hard to persuade him that he needed to go back in his cabin! This handsome chap was offered a country home on Ciltwrch Common, on 14th February, where he is now known as Gaza and settling into to his new home life with the company of another cat who was less than keen to see the newcomer! Within a couple of weeks of George’s departure, Fred, a black & white chap turned up!!

On February 20th, Tibby, the ten years old brown tabby from a Brecon estate, was delivered to his new home way across the fields and down a track, just outside Beulah. Tibby, now Tibs, soon settled in and was doing really well when he started his swiping again, which of course is very disconcerting. Naturally, this made his new gentleman owner very wary of stroking him, though Tibs was very gentle at other times but once he was able to go outside, with just miles of farmland to roam in he settled more. It helped too he wasn’t been hassled by a big dog as he had been in his old life and hopefully he soon realised he had landed on his paws as he and his new owner got used to one another.

Mruczek and Fifi returned to their owner on 5th April after a three month stay, while she and her children stayed in a refuge, waiting for new accommodation where they could have their beloved cats. Mruczek is a very handsome blond chap, just six months old when he came to stay, while Fifi, a very pretty tabby and white lass, was about two. Neither had been outside and neither were neutered. With their owner’s consent, the cats were neutered while they stayed with Anne. New accommodation with a small garden was eventually accepted and the children couldn’t wait to come and collect their much loved pets. As soon as the cats heard the children’s voices they rushed to greet them which was lovely for Anne to see, relieving her of any worries over her kind willingness to help in a welfare case and the not knowing if and when the cats would be returned.  

Arnold, a black & white chap of two or three years, was the next away to his new home, across the fields from George, as it happens, on 14th April. We expected him before Christmas but he proved to be somewhat elusive, finally being caught, unexpectedly and coming at the same time as Reggae. This rather ruined back up plans for Reggae if he didn’t get on with his pen companions, Susie and Benji! Arnold had been abandoned in Kington and could probably have had a home nearby if the resident cats hadn’t objected to his presence! Taken to Arrowfield Vets and christened ‘Arnold’ there on a Friday evening and not keen to have a very unhappy chap in their pens all weekend, they kindly neutered him next morning so Anne was able to collect him later. He proved somewhat tricky, taking a swipe sometimes and friendly at others while learning about litter trays, so Anne was at loss to know what sort of home he would suit. The poor chap, an abandoned pet, had got used to being chased off by people and pets while trying to find sanctuary and food which must be very frightening for him, making him wary and sometimes defensive when he didn’t need to be. As he got used to Anne and her care he would sometimes still swipe then seem sorry! A call from Martine for a cat to fill the gap on her farm, left by three previous HCR cats, all homed there about ten or more years ago, turned out to be just right for him. Delivered by Anne, on April 14th, he spent a few days in a cage as he got used to his new folks and surroundings, then ‘helped’ with the lambing, follows everyone around outside, is very affectionate and unbelievably, farmer Neil is besotted with him!! Now Arnie, he is adored by all the family, he is in charge of the dogs, doesn’t swipe anymore and is having a lovely time in his new home. Anne is just thrilled to bits that it’s all turned out so very well for him, that he is adored and he really has landed on all four paws!

Reggae, a very handsome, long haired black & white cat, about nine years old, arrived at much the same time as Arnie. His owner called on a Thursday afternoon saying they would be homeless by Friday lunchtime! Reggae had lots of Veterinary tests, all negative, before he joined Susie & Benji in the large pen. Luckily, they all got on pretty well. Reggae was recovering from having a dental and several teeth removed when he was offered a home by Chris at Kington, to fill the yawning space left by her dear Sooty, a former HCR cat. Reggae has had further dental attention and more teeth removed since being in his new home on April 16th where he soon settled in, meeting all the neighbours and enjoying lots of fuss. Chris has changed his name to Bibs, as he has a large white patch of fur on his chest.

Months passed while Rosie, Poppy, Susie and Benji, our lovely adult cats were ignored but homing revived again once Poppy’s kittens were old enough, at nine weeks to go, to their new homes. Poppy is just the prettiest dark tortoiseshell lass with enormous whiskers. Heaven knows why she is still here in July having arrived in March! Poppy came to HCR as she, her family and their dog, would be homeless in a few days time. The heavily pregnant Poppy delivered her kittens just ten days later, in our bathroom, as there were no empty pens and heaven knows what would become of her and her kittens otherwise! During the evening of March 22nd Poppy gave birth to four kittens, a black, a tabby, a black & white and a ginger! By morning there was a fifth kitten, this one larger, fluffy, black & white. A complete mixture, none of them a tortie like Mum! A call for a kitten after a few days, and an emailed photo of the family at four days old, secured a home for the tabby kitten, a girl was preferred but tabby was what was wanted! Grey tabby, turned out to be the only girl, christened Petal for her stay here, in fond remembrance of a kitten homed some years ago. Her ginger & white brother was christened Pumpkin, black brother, Puddle, black & white ‘felix’ brother was Puddy, remembering dear Puddy with Kath in Bromyard and the late fluffy chap was Pip. With no homes to free a pen, Poppy and her dear little family stayed in the bathroom until they were about eight weeks old. Anne very kindly took Rosie, freeing her pen for Poppy and family to have some fresh air at last and room to play ‘outside’. Once they’d had the first part of their vaccine, Pip was the first away to his new home at Beggars Bush on May 25th. This gorgeous fluffy black & white chap now resides up a track, in the middle of woodland, has two other cats and two dogs for company as well as another kitten, due to join him when it was old enough to leave its Mum. Here, Pip is now known as… Pip!

Next day Pumpkin was delivered to Brinsop to be known as ‘Aslan’, as chosen by his new owner, Eden, 10, who had wanted a ginger kitten for ages and spotted Pumpkin as soon as he was displayed on HCR website. In his new home, he soon set about making friends with resident cat Dylan, and generally enjoying lots of love and attention!

Next day, brothers Puddle & Puddy, joined two other cats as house mates in their new home, down at track at Brilley. Here the boys will be known as Archie & Hector.

First chosen but last away was Petal on 29th May. Chosen from a photo at a few days old, her new owner to be, Ben, 10 and his Mum, came several times to meet Petal while he patiently waited for her to be old enough to leave her Mum. I was rather mortified when the chosen name for this pretty tabby lass was declared to be Spot!! The joke being she was all stripes! As Petal grew it became apparent that she did indeed have a ginger spot on her head! Spot she is, living with another cat and two dogs for company, down a track with many acres of fields to play in on the other side of Brilley to her brothers. All of Dear Poppy’s family have well and truly landed on their paws! If only their lovely Mum could do the same!

On 6th June, the day we had been praying for, finally arrived for Susie & Benji, or so we thought! Susie came to HCR on a temporary basis on 1st March, just as we were about to be cut off by foot deep snow! Susie and Benji, their owner and her dog were all made homeless when their mobile home burned down at Longtown. The pens were empty after the departure of Tiger, Tibby & George and I thought that would be that!! How could I not give sanctuary to Susie homeless in the snow? Susie is a very friendly and loving tortoiseshell lass, brother Benji, who came a few weeks later, a lovely, handsome ginger & white chap. They were 10 years old and born in the home, now destroyed. A young couple, who have a cat and dog of their own, kindly took in their owner and dog but couldn’t accommodate the cats as well while they waited to find somewhere else to live. Benji came a few weeks later when it became obvious he couldn’t remain with a relation on whose land their home had been. This super pair were finally offered a home with Enid at Presteigne on 6th June when she came to meet and collect them. A home check for Enid’s previous cat meant I didn’t need to go to Presteigne again! Or so I thought! The very next morning Enid rang with the devastating news that the cats had broken through the cat flap during the night and were gone!!! Appointments that day, delayed my going Presteigne to call and search for two days. Susie came for food the second night and was, unbelievably, let go again! Friday morning, with John away and too wet to paint outside, Kirk, decorating here, came with me to Presteigne to install a new cat flap while I visited the neighbours to tell them about the missing cats and call them in the hope they might respond to my voice! This is not the first time this has happened!! Susie came again that night and was kept in. Seems she hadn’t gone far and has now happily settled in and is thought to be lovely! Lisa and George, who live near Presteigne, very kindly offered their help making posters for the vets, chip shop and other locations around there. Sarah came all the way from Abergavenny to collect me and help deliver letters with a picture of the missing Benji, around the estate, the following Friday. As I tried to deliver my notice to a house at the opposite end of the cul de sac, Barbara’s dog was barking and she came to the door. She nearly burst into tears at seeing Benji’s picture as she had just lost her old ginger and white cat and thought she was seeing a ghost. Barbara took me out into her garden which backs onto a bridle path with thick hedges, a lovely hunting ground for a cat! Meanwhile Sarah was delivering further up the estate and had stopped to talk to a chap who had a cat from me some seven or eight years ago and when I joined them, brought her down stairs for me to see! Mary will remember the three kittens in a woodpile near her garden in Leominster with their Mother Lily, who she gave a home to while I took the kittens and christened them, for their HCR stay, Prada, Gucci and Mercedes!! Here was ‘Prada’, looking lovely! The chap said I was giving up then!!! A few days later, Barbara called to say Benji was in her garden and has been coming since, more and more to eat, sit on her lap and generally make himself at home!! Barbara thinks he is just lovely as is Susie who she met at Enid’s. Barbara said ‘No’ to the offer of giving Benji a home but as the days passed and Benji became more familiar, the planned recapture and return to Enid was delayed in the extreme heat. Enid asked if Barbara would like to keep Benji. A week on, Barbara had fallen in love with Benji, who by then, was sleeping on her bed and as dog, Rory, was ok about the ginger chap, Benji now belongs Barbara! After a few very distressing and anxious weeks, we are so very pleased Benji found himself a new home with a big garden and lots of hunting ground in the bridle path just over the gate, has landed on his paws and is much loved! Susie is happy too, at the other end of the close!

Dizzy, a handsome tabby & white chap, just 9 weeks old, joined his new family and dog on 13th June at Llanstephan. Here, now called Tom, he has rather taken over! Dizzy came with his two sisters, Daisy, also tabby & white and Dolly, a black & white ‘felix’ lass, when they were seven weeks old, from a farm in Sennybridge where the farmer declared he had, belatedly, got their mother spayed!

Two weeks later, his pretty sister, Daisy, joined former HCR Sophie at Boughrood on 27th June. Daisy is Evie in her new life as she settles into having lots of fuss from Gill and Gordon, though Sophie, who sadly lost her sister, Kiki, last Autumn when she fell ill quite unexpectedly at barely two years old, is not so sure she wants company!

Anne & I couldn’t be more pleased for Rosie who was offered a home, at long last, on 10th July, with Sarah and her 7 other HCR cats plus Freddie, and assortment of other animals, at Llangenny! Dear Rosie is a strange but beautiful brindle lass who has had a rather sad and lonely life. With her former owner moving to new accommodation which doesn’t allow pets, HCR was asked to rehome this pretty four years old. Initially she came to stay at Woodlands. She was bewildered and upset and wouldn’t eat much. She came with some biscuits and that is all she would eat. The day after she arrived she was offered a home but during the viewing raised her paw to strike, so lost that home. She sat for a couple of months on top of the scratch post in the pen gazing out at the river and snow, sometimes very cross and smacking my feet but often very loving too. She was persuaded to try some chicken and Dreamies became a favourite treat as she wouldn’t eat during the day but seemed happy in her little pen world. As she went out in the morning at 7.30am and came in at 7.30pm, she was used to eating in the evening. Heaven knows what she did for food, drink or shelter all day, though in her way, Rosie was much loved! After a couple of months with no interest shown in this pretty poppet, Anne took Rosie to hers, to free up a pen here for Poppy and her kittens still languishing in the bathroom and getting big! Anne too, soon found how difficult it was to persuade Rosie to eat anything during the day and kindly saw she had some chicken to go with her biscuits for supper. Anne even had Rosie sitting on her lap of an evening and she too thought Rosie a rather sad and misunderstood sweetheart! She was visited again with the prospect of a home in mind on June 8th when she had her tummy tickled by her prospective new owner and drew blood and that was that home gone! This prompted dear Sarah to say she would have Rosie and, like Anne and I, is getting used to her ways and what to feed her. Rosie does like to play with her roulette wheel and her toys, so is happy is in her own way but is frightened of other cats which is Sarah’s next challenge, introducing her to the rest of the feline household! We so hope Rosie will soon realise she has landed on her paws and she really doesn’t have to be afraid!    

On the same day as Rosie went to her new home with Sarah, Fred had his new home, at Woodlands! Well, there was no pen to spare for him and he was living here anyway! Ginger Tuti glares at him and bares his teeth but is even more wary of attacking Fred after having a swollen shoulder lanced thanks to fighting with Fred when he disapproved of his presence! Fred has taken over my lap of an evening which doesn’t please dear Tuti either! Where Fred came from is a mystery but when you do cat rescue, your gate is a handy place to leave an unwanted cat! Fred is only a year or two and very affectionate as he winds around my feet! How long before I fall over him!

At fourteen weeks, Dolly, sister to the former Dizzy, now Tom and Daisy, now Evie, has unexpectedly and with a leap of faith on my part, gone to her new home in Sussex! If all goes to plan she will come back to live in Wales in September. In the mean time she is settling in with fifteen other cats belonging to Carol, who has been doing all sorts to help with trapping, fostering, working in the shop and office for the Celia Hammond Animal Trust in Sussex, for the last twenty years and is hoping to help with more cat rescue here once she has moved. Dear Dolly, a pretty black & white ’felix’ lass is still to be Dolly in her new life. Dolly who soon settled in after the long journey, is the first kitten Carol has had, as like most rescuers, she has taken in the old and sick no one else wants!

Dolly has been sharing her pen with three ginger & white kittens who were spotted in a lay by, by a lady on a coach trip who got the driver to stop while the kittens were rescued!! Tango, Mango and their brother, Cider, just five or six weeks old then, are amazingly unfazed by it all!

Another ginger chap, on his way to stay with HCR, got as far as Hay Vets for the usual check over when he was scooped up by Practice Manager, Sarah, christened Professor Wigsby and taken home to join her other two cats and dog. So as not to leave this little chap on his own too much, Wigsby has been enjoying lots of attention from all at Hay Vets as he accompanied Sarah to work, spending the days in a cage in her office for awhile.

These last few weeks have brought two more families of abandoned / homeless mums and kittens. Finding space for these has taken some juggling! Poppy joined kittens, Dolly, Tango, Mango and Cider to free a pen for a young family abandoned at Clifford. Beautiful black cat, Alice and her four boys appeared in a garden at Clifford, just outside Hay. It took several days to gather up her and her boys, who have obviously been handled and Alice, a pet cat. Alfie & Archie are gorgeous black chaps, while Arthur is a fluffy black & white lad and brother Angus, smooth coated black and white. Alice has been spayed and like her kittens, microchipped and have started their vaccines too.

Another Mum and three kittens were discovered at Talgarth, by Carol, who has kindly been gathering the family up and getting them to the vets for us. Sarah having Rosie was beautifully timed for Anne to have a move around and free up the pen for Mum, christened Pandora ‘for opening another can of worms’ and her kittens. Two of her kittens, Domino and Dice, were big enough to neuter and microchipped, as Pandora has been too. The third kitten, now christened Chequers, spent a few days at Hay Vets as he was rather poorly and we now find it is not the third kitten we were expecting! That is still missing and this little soul is of another family! Or is he Pandora’s kitten and Domino and Dice from another family altogether! Another can of worms!

All being well, Pandora is to have a home in Sue’s stables at Llanfilo where she can ‘belong’, probably for the first time in her young and frightened life, will have several more waifs and strays Sue has given sanctuary to keep her company.

  Anne has given a home to Scooby Doo she has been caring for since 22.1.18. Scooby, found wandering in Builth Wells, was probably abandoned when her owner passed away or went into a nursing home. She was microchipped in Birmingham in 2001. Being elderly, deaf and blind she has joined Anne’s gang where she is much loved and looked after by Summer and other feline friends.

 The lovely Seren, 8, a tabby & white lass, has been in Anne’s care since 3.5.18. She was found in a sorry state in Kington and since been suffering from an allergy, maybe from the summers high pollen count, which makes her unable to be re homed, for the time being at least!

As I finish, we are caring for Dear Poppy, with us since March, as well as ginger kittens, Mango, Tango & Cider. As well as beautiful black Alice and her four boys, black Alfie, Archie and their black & white brothers, Angus & Arthur, Seren, Pandora, two black & white kittens, Domino and Dice, sweeties, about 12 weeks old and tiny, eight weeks old, Chequers. We hope the third, missing, kitten will be found before long and join her family.


HCR has been fortunate in finding homes for 25 cats and kittens, so far, in 2018 and 1119 since  2004.


Donations Please! Last month alone, over £1,600 went out of HCR account with just £270 paid in! The Kitty has taken a heavy toll since Christmas with all the dental work, neuter/spay, treatment for fleas & worms, microchipping and vaccinations for all the afore mentioned as well as food and litter. Funds are in much need of topping up and HCR would very grateful for donations, if you can you help please? Thank you, as always, for your very kind support!



 Very Sad News. We send our sincere condolences to Elaine whose husband Ted has passed away. Those who came to our Fayres will remember Ted as the cheerful chap who looked after our Bric-a-brac stall with Elaine and Maisie. He loved looking after the stall piling high and selling cheap was his motto.


Former Cats Protection friends will be sad to hear Jean Hazle has passed away too. Though living in Tiverton, Jean and husband Derek have been very kind supporters of Hay Cat Rescue amongst other animal charities. Many cats have had better lives thanks to these kind souls. God Bless.




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Come along and have a catch up with old friends as we review another year of helping cats have better lives.


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