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We are a small charity with no paid staff, completely reliant on donations to fund our running costs. These can be high: our vets' bill for one month can come in at £1,100 or more. We are very sorry but we are unable to pay vets' bills for animals other than those in our care.

We are also sorry that we have limited capacity to take in all the animals that need our help. Our pens and foster-homes are always over-subscribed, and space can only be found when one of the residents moves on to a permanent home.

All donations of money, food and goods to sell are gratefully received. Please see elsewhere on this site for details of events and help needed.

Are you a cat lover? Could you run a cat rescue?

Hay Cat Rescue has rescued, rehabilitated and found homes for over 1000 cats and kittens, and helped many more in other ways, since it was established in 2004.
So it is with a heavy heart that due to worsening Arthritis I will be unable to continue to provide this much needed service for the cats and the community for much longer.
Hay Cat Rescue is, therefore, looking for a reliable cat lover, or several cat lovers working together, willing and able to continue to run this small, independent, registered Charity. This involves accommodating, sometimes trapping, veterinary health checks, record keeping and fundraising, as well as delivering cats and kittens to their new homes. Some equipment is available to a committed and caring person.
Over the years HCR has been very generously supported by many kind and caring people who would, I am sure, continue to help with donations of cat food and goods for fundraising.
If no one is forthcoming, Hay Cat Rescue will close once the cats in our care have found their new homes.
For more information, or to offer a cat a home, please call Kathie on 01497 821401.





                                                                                                                                NUMBER 51                                                                         WINTER 2019

                                                                                                                                 Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas and Purrfect New Year!

 With only 6 cats homed by June this year, there wasn’t much to say for a Summer Mews! Since then we have been inundated with abandoned kittens! With just four kittens in a pen, in June, I thought I could finish rescuing once they were homed! (Again !!) Then a call for help for another family abandoned by a busy road at Llyswen, was followed by even more calls for help as the kittens just kept on coming! Accommodating them all has been very tricky! As I write, in November, just as homes are coming, at long last, for this summers deluge of kittens, mostly six to eight weeks old when they arrived, now five and six months old, there’s news of a mother cat & four kittens abandoned in Builth Wells! This year has been especially bad for all rescues with kittens abandoned in laybys, dumped by busy roads and in boxes.

Finn was the first for a home in the New Year. A handsome tabby & white chap, about 18 months old, he had been left behind when his owners moved from Builth Wells. Now neutered, vaccinated & micro chipped, he was offered a home at Llanigon on 17th January and soon settled in to be known as Mostyn.

Next away were Tommy & Taffy, two kittens about 7 weeks old when they were rescued from Talgarth in October 2018. Taffy, a dear little black chap and his handsome tabby & white brother, Tommy, were delivered to their new a home at Preston on Wye on 26th January. By now, five months old, neutered, vaccinated & microchipped, this gorgeous pair of scallywags soon settled in to their home in the country to where they now answer to Cribyn & Tryfan. Their new owner is fond of walking the Welsh mountains! The boys had been spending time indoors here and with Finn gone, the pens were empty!!

On 20th February, Seren joined Anne’s family of cats at Staunton! Anne had been caring for Seren since May 2018, when she was found at Kington, living rough, injured and struggling to feed herself. She was very thin and wheezy. At first, she appeared to have Asthma and was treated accordingly but when she wasn’t responding to her medication, an x ray discovered she had an air gun pellet in her elbow, another in her back, probably accounting for her unwillingness to be stroked! One pellet was removed from her leg but the other was deemed, then, too close to her spine to touch. After a second opinion and x ray from another angle, Helen, at Hay Vets, removed it on January 4th and discovered Seren had arthritis in her spine. Viewed for a possible home but as Seren was, understandably, quite grumpy when stroked and tended to lash out, she was not chosen and joined Anne’s cats instead. Out and about now she is a much happier cat after her operations, Seren is enjoying herself, at last!

Two weeks later a call from Tania for help with a colony at Gladestry, near Kington, brought Ralph & Ruby, Laurie & Lucy. These young cats, about 18 months old, were living near a disused quarry and being fed by a local couple, intending to move before long. There were about 20 cats in the colony Tania had come across while looking for one of her own. She set about trapping them with the help of Cats Protection and having taken some in herself and looking to rehome more of the colony, asked HCR to help. The cats, not used to being handled, were something of a challenge but soon black chaps, Ralph and Laurie, showed themselves a chatty and playful double act. Ruby, a brindle & Lucy, also black, less so! Poor Lucy, quite terrified, though not nasty, would just freeze when stroked. An eye infection, requiring a trip to Leominster Veterinary Eye Clinic, gave Ruby, though frightened, a chance to be handled. At first, a very expensive operation was a probable but a treatment of creams applied to her left eye for a deep ulcer was chosen instead. She bore all the clinics photographs and administrations of drops in her eye very well and quite enjoyed a fuss as part of the treatment. After several trips to the Eye Clinic she surprised her consultant with her recovery, at least as good as to be hoped for with an operation. In order to apply the creams four times a day, she stayed in a cage in our hall and was soon chatting to the resident cats as they passed by. Ruby was vaccinated and micro chipped and once her treatment was over, returned to her family to wait, and wait, for a home!

No sooner had the quarry cats settled in one pen than abandoned Kat and Merlyn took up residence in the next! Kat, 7, was a beautiful grey & white cat, her house mate, Merlyn 4, a black British Shorthair. Kat was rather bossy with Merlyn who did her best to keep out of reach of Kat’s paws! As best we can tell, Kat was an only cat until Merlyn joined her as a kitten. Kat, probably put out at Merlyn’s presence, let her know it! After three weeks, Kat was offered the home unsuitable for Seren at Velindre, where lots of people stay for short term work so a cat that lashed out wouldn’t do. Kat, being a sweetheart, was soon sleeping on the bed and fine with several other cats in the annex of her home. There were five offers of a home for Kat! How sad that her grey coat makes her more welcome than another cat, even at seven years old!

Merlyn stayed another month until she was offered a home with two other British Shorthairs and two Bearded Collies, just outside Hay. Here Merlyn, now Maisie, has her own quarters when she wants and is best friends with the dogs! Seems she is very wary of her other house mates, perhaps Kat’s unkindness has put her off cats so much she prefers the company of dogs! Merlyn joined her new family on 9th April.

9th June brought a lovely home for Ralph & Laurie at Much Birch though this, sadly, was to fill the space left by HCR kitten, Tilly, only homed in November. Tilly, sister to Tommy & Taffy, disappeared and after much searching, was found to have been killed, her body put in a rubbish bin, already emptied, and her collar, with her details on, returned to her owners, making her loss even more distressing! Josh rang to tell the sad news and finding there were still cats here in need of a home, came next day to collect Ralph and Laurie, not to replace Tilly, but to kindly help the other cats. The boys have kept their names, are enjoying settling in a home of their own and playing with lots of toys and boxes too. Indoors they cosy up on the sofa or bed with their new Mum & Dad and, now chipped and vaccinated, have been out and about for a few weeks, though never far from each other. Josh & Katie are very happy with them, have enjoyed seeing their progress and pleased to have made such a difference to their lives by giving the boys a loving home.

Next away, on 23rd June, was Nipper, a lovely, friendly, black chap from Talgarth, just a year old, who was delivered to Hay Vets to be neutered & micro chipped before settling in a pen at Woodlands. A very frightened Nipper did his best to keep out of reach, sitting on a high shelf in the pen. Once settled, this shy chap turned out to be a very gentle sweetheart who I felt would like a friend. He stayed with us for just over two months before Elly came to claim him for herself. Delivered to his new home in Rhayder, Nipper has kept his name, has the company of black kitten, Belle, now his best friend and is loved to bits! Since, Elly, has kindly rescued two more kittens, Dinah & Sassie, from sad circumstances, to keep them company.

Leaving just a month after their brothers, Ralph & Laurie’s sister, Ruby & Lucy were offered a country home at Newchurch. With Lucy so frightened and Ruby unsure, the girls have their bed in a large store room where they are free to come and go and enjoy miles of countryside around. Here they are fed and cared for, as rodent patrollers and hopefully, in time as they settle, they will be brave enough to be stroked.

On 4th August, Sally, a very pretty, fluffy black & white kitten, just 11 weeks old, joined her new family on the outskirts of Aberedw. Here, now Dolly, amusingly, has the company of a black cat called Sooty and calico cat, Dora. Amusing, because she was trapped with her four brothers, at just six weeks old, in a garden by a busy road, where they and their mother were abandoned, at Llyswen. As the garden belonged to a chimney sweep, the boys were christened, Sooty, Sweep, Soo & Sushi, so Dolly still has a Sooty for company! It only took a few days for Sooty to be best pal to this gorgeous kitten! Dora took a little longer to accept Dolly’s presence but is fine with her now. Dolly soon made herself at home and is especially happy to climb on their shoulders and be carried around by her lovely new Mum & Dad, Beth & Dave, especially when she wants their undivided attention!

A few days later Ted, 3 or 4 years old, joined Jane and her other cats in his new home at Huntington. This was especially kind of Jane and very much appreciated as Ted is not an easy cat to home. He had appeared at Woodlands sometime before and would sit on the terrace with my cats. None seemed bothered by his presence. He gradually became a regular visitor, getting to know where I would leave his breakfast or supper, while evading attempts to capture him for neutering! Missing for several days, he arrived one evening dragging his back, right leg and looking distinctly worse for wear. I managed to trap him next day and was shocked to be told by the Vet, Ted had 60-80 shot gun pellets in him!! Amazingly he had survived this horrendous attack! Once home and in fear he would be killed if he returned to his old haunts, he was settled in a cage in the hall while he recuperated and learned to use a litter tray!! He wasn’t best pleased at having his bedding freshened, a difficult operation with Ted in the cage, although he never once attempted to get out! It was obvious he had not been used to a home or care and though he cursed a few times at being disturbed he was not at all nasty. He enjoyed his regular meals and eventually deigned to use his tray too! Ted was very interested in and chatty to my cats as they passed! We soon discovered another cat living near Cusop Church had also been shot! Ted was seen near the church. The police were notified and came to see Ted who was looking very sorry for himself in the cage with his back shaved and lots of wounds over his back and ears. Nothing came of it! As he got used to us, Ted was given chance to be free of the pen to stretch his legs. A poster at Arrowfield Vets drew Jane’s attention to his plight and being a kind soul who’s her heart went out to him, she offered Ted a home with hers, once she had settled in two other kittens! One of these became Ted’s best friend as he settled in a spare room to get used to his new home on 8th August. Ted is out and about now and both Jane and I are relieved Ted has stayed around and though still not ready to be handled, he knows where to find his food and has the company of other cats in his country home as and when he wants. We both feel Ted is a nice cat, quite a character and hope, in time, he will accept the fuss Jane would dearly love to give him. His wounds have healed, his coat is looking good, black and shiny. We have no idea how the pellets, still in his body, will affect him long term but we’ve done the best we can for him for now. Guy at Hay Vets says the pellets should work their way out in time.

Stan, about 14 weeks old, came and went the same day, 20th August! This terrified little black chap, about 12 weeks old, didn’t actually leave the vets after being neutered, as vet nurse, Karen, bagged him as company for Tess in her stables at Cradoc, where we took Tess to join him, two days later.

Tess is a pretty long haired black & white lass, about a year old, abandoned with her kittens on another busy road into Llyswen. As she bears a striking resemblance to the mother of abandoned kittens Sooty, Sweep, Soo, Sushi & Sally, also left by a busy road at Llyswen, I’m convinced, the mother cats are sisters! She was trapped with two of her three kittens, Toots & Tottie. Sadly, we never found the third kitten we were called to remove. Tess was terrified and hid behind the tall climbing frame in her pen and would peep out to see if the coast was clear then nip inside for her food. She only stayed a month before Karen offered her a home with kitten Stan, now called Haggis. Both have settled down in their country home in Karen’s stables where Tess probably won’t be willing to be stroked, unlike young Haggis, but she is cared for and fed, probably for the first time in her life, apart from her stay here!

By this time, we had no room to take in Billy, 4, a beautiful ginger Oman Mau, brought with another cat and two dogs, from Oman, where their owner, Laura, was working and rescuing, mostly dogs. When Laura, sadly, needed to part with Billy, he was added to our website list of cats in need of a home. It didn’t take long for him to be snapped up and join another cat in Ross on Wye where he is much adored!

Kim very kindly agreed to give Puzzle sanctuary at Kinnersley, on 12th September, where he stayed in a cage, getting used to his surroundings, for a couple of weeks. Anne had been called to catch a mother cat and kitten, both grey tabby and white, abandoned at Brobury. It took a while, in challenging circumstances, for Anne to trap the lovely, friendly kitten, she christened Solo and even longer to track down the older cat, assumed to be her mother. Once the adult cat was in her pen, Anne soon realised it was very frightened, not friendly, with no sign of teats and had a snipped ear, i.e. a neutered tom cat that couldn’t be handled! As Puzzle appeared at the same time as kitten Solo, we assumed they came from the same place! Kim intended Puzzle to stay at hers where he would be fed but he’s declined the offer of sanctuary and disappeared! Anne and Kim have done their very best to help this cat but sadly, he had other ideas!

September 24th was new home day for Jane, by now about thirteen weeks old. This gorgeous grey kitten was abandoned with her sister, Alice, at Stansbach. The gentleman who found them, originally, intended to have the girls back when they were older and well. As far as we know, the family were abandoned, their mother killed on the road and poor Alice had had her mouth taped up too! Anne volunteered to look after the girls, just four or five weeks old, bottle feeding them and giving the poor little mites all her love and care. It was later decided the kittens were not returning to Stansbach and in due course, were available for new homes. Jane is a very pretty grey kitten, dear Alice, black and white. Alice was the intended recipient to join Leo at his home outside Leominster, but when she just was so frightened, refused to be seen or be touched, sister Jane was chosen instead. Jane, now Daisy, has wrapped her housemate, Leo, around her paws and is adored! Anne couldn’t be more pleased with her home and her new Mum, Alex! As poor Alice is terrified of new people and who can blame her, but loves her ‘Mum’, has stolen Anne’s heart and made friends with Anne’s cat, Summer, she was signed over to Anne on 8th November! The girls have both landed on their paws after such a dreadful start. Both are vaccinated and microchipped and will be spayed later.

Next day, was young Tilly’s turn for a home. She’d been at Woodlands since 29th 0ctober. This dear little black kitten was about 9 weeks old when she was found in a box outside the Co op, at Bobblestock, Hereford. She must have been cared for and just loved to be cuddled! She was chosen to fill the space of another black kitten, Charlie, homed by Anne to Much Birch, before last Christmas. Sadly, silly Charlie wandered off to find a road across the fields even though he had an acre of garden to play in! Tilly is still Tilly in her new home. Charlie’s sister, Seren, wasn’t thrilled with Tilly’s arrival not that Tilly was bothered. She’s busy being full of fun and mischief and is ‘quite a character!

Dear Soo & Sushi were next away to their new home just outside Crickhowell on 11th October. By now, 19 weeks old, they had been here since they were six weeks old and sister, Sally, had been in her new home for 8 weeks! It is extremely sad, stressful and distressing to see these gorgeous, gentle poppets growing up, stuck in a pen for so long. I trapped the boys, then just six weeks old, with their brothers, Sooty and Sweep and sister, Sally, now Dolly, in the garden of a chimney sweep at Llyswen where they had been dumped by the busy road along with their Mother. Mr ‘Sweep’ kindly offered a home for their Mum, who was spayed and microchipped. He was hoping to persuade her to stay at his and have a home of her own at last. A lovely couple came to see meet Sophie and her brother Sid, but when dear gorgeous Soo, a super black & white fluffy chap, put his paws up in the air wanting to be picked up and cuddled and brother, Sushi, smooth coated black & white, was busy doing cartwheels in his window bed, Sophie & Sid didn’t get a look in! Soo & Sushi soon settled in to make friends with resident black cat, Mokka. The lovely, gentle Soo is now Moose and mischievous scallywag, Sushi; Parker. It was especially hard parting with these gorgeous boys and their brothers Sooty & Sweep! After delivering the boys, John & I went on the Llangenny to collect Pom Pom, Pepsi & Pixie, staying with Sarah to ease our logistics problem when our bathroom was being refurbished! The kittens were recently rescued, about six weeks old, from a derelict site on an industrial estate outside Hay. We are indebted to Sarah for looking after these frightened kittens, for a couple of weeks and giving us chance to sample another of her scrumptious cakes when we collected them!

Tiger, a handsome grey tabby, about 9 years old, described as Bengal on his microchip papers, was the next cat off to his new home on 14th October. Kim had kindly given him sanctuary in her spare room for a few weeks, while he was vaccinated and had a dental, before this quiet, gentle chap was offered a home in Hereford, to fill the gap left by a recently deceased cat and dog. Seems it was love at first sight when Janet came to meet him! He is settling in nicely, although he’s not too keen on the resident chickens! Our Thanks to Kim for being such a help, especially at a very tricky time when we were so short of space. Kim & High are rebuilding and refurbishing two pens, unused at Woodlands for a while now, so Kim can foster some more for HCR. Kim also runs a lovely new cattery at Kinnersley and now has four HCR cats too!

Three days later we took Tottie, by now 5 months old, to her new home just outside Leominster. Here, this pretty tabby & white lass, has been christened Poppy, is much loved and brought smiles to her new owners who are enjoying her company and a new lease of life! She had also been abandoned with her mother, Tess, sister Toots and another sibling, we were sad not to find, when we were asked to remove them from a garden on the fast road into Llyswen. Their mother Tess, a fluffy, black & white lass, is very similar to the mother of kittens, Sooty, Sweep, Soo, Sushi & Sally, also dumped by a busy Llyswen road, makes it more than likely that the mothers are sisters, their kittens, cousins! Trapping Tess, Toots & Tottie took a while, especially with less than willing help from the owners of the garden they were now in. It seems Tottie was attacked while in a trap overnight and had a toe ripped out of her front left paw. With lack of space here, the frightened girls, about 9 weeks old, spent a few weeks in our bathroom followed by a spell in the hall while their Mother, Tess, had a pen to herself for about a month. All accommodating was complicated by trying to keep kits with flu away from those without and the impending refurbishment of our bathroom! After lots of TLC and dressings every few days at Hay Vets, Totties’ paw soon recovered, the missing claw hardly noticeable and doesn’t seem to bother her at all!

As with their brothers, Soo & Sushi, it was especially hard to part with dear Sooty & Sweep although I’m thrilled to bits they have truly landed on their gorgeous paws! Quite unexpectedly, they joined their sister Sally, now Dolly, at her home at Aberedw, on 26th October. Like their brothers, Soo and Sushi, they were neutered, vaccinated and chipped. I found several, less than kind comments about Sweep’s black spot on his nose very distressing and feared he would always be prone to such insults, especially when a viewing for two kittens resulted in a home for Sooty alone, even though it had been made clear they boys were very bonded, loved each other very much and not to be parted! They would even help each other cover up when one or the other used a tray! I brought them indoors, expecting them to stay if necessary. Lisa kindly agreed to be my back up but we hadn’t reckoned on dear, kind Beth! Beth, who had given their sister a home, was distressed too, knowing the boys were stuck in their pens for so long. We had a spell of 9 weeks without any offers of homes at all! Beth, concerned to help, put posters as far away as Llandrindod and Builth Wells, hoping to find homes for her Dolly’s brothers and the other kittens languishing here. Dolly was not in the least bit pleased to see her brothers when they arrived to join her at Aberedw! She wouldn’t even stay in the same room for a few days! Her resident companions, Sooty and Dora, were fine with the boys who are so sweet and gentle and no threat at all. After about 5 days, of flouncing off in a huff, Dolly now shares a basket, or bed or lap with her brothers. With another resident Sooty in the house, ’my’ Sooty is now Ernie and brother Sweep; Bert. All five cats settled down playing and sleeping together within a week and Dora whose intentions to wash him were rebuffed by Sooty, has found a willing recipient and best friend in Bert!!

In return for helping home Billy, her Oman Mau cat, Laura offered to set up HCR on facebook. I wasn’t sure about this but thought perhaps I’d better give a go! No sooner had I posted Rufus & Katie on HCR facebook page than Kim spotted him and offered Rufus a home! Anne was caring for Rufus and his sister, Katie. Called at 8.15pm on a Sunday evening, just after a roast dinner and glass of wine, was not the best time to be urged to rescue abandoned kittens on Erwood Common, especially as we had passed by Erwood Common that very afternoon delivering young Sally/ Dolly, to her new home in Aberedw! Given to understand the kittens could be ‘picked up’, tired and not really wanting to go out again, we just took a basket. Various people, knowing the kittens’ plight and had left open tins of cat and dog food and dishes of water in the hedges along the roadside for the kittens who had been there a good few days!! We found them crying on a bank, in bracken and hawthorn, but couldn’t catch them as they disappeared in the undergrowth. As it was dusk and not much we could do, we had to leave them for the night. Next morning, John got up at 5.30 am to return to trap the kits. He got one, came back with it, had some breakfast and took the dear little pale ginger chap to the vets. The kitten had flu and his left eye wasn’t looking good. John returned for the second kitten, a very pretty tortie, managing to trap her too and get her to the vets by lunchtime. Later christened Rufus & Katie by Anne, both kittens about 8-10 weeks old, had flu very badly, and both, their left eye not good! After a few days deliberating, Hay Vet, Helen, who was caring for them, decided to leave removing their ruptured eye until neutering time, thus giving them time to recover from the flu and grow stronger after their terrible start. Anne nursed them through this horrible time and when they were better and stronger took them for their vaccinations. After neutering and each having their ruptured left eye removed, they wore collars so as not to disturb the stitches with scratching until the stitches were removed. Once Rufus had recovered from an infection in his wound, delaying his rehoming a little longer, he was ready to join Kim and her other cats on 29th October. As no one had offered Katie a home, Kim being a kind soul, took Katie home with Rufus too! With a new puppy just settling in, Kim has had her work cut out settling in the three new comers along with her other dog and cats! Rufus is now called Scooby and Katie, Pumpkin. We are so very pleased and relieved, they have landed of their little paws after such an awful, sad start to their little lives!

Oliver finally had his new home near Burley Gate at the end of October. Another of Tania’s rescues, he had been on our website for best part of a year! Spotted on HCR hard to home page on catchat.org, Oliver, about 4 years old, an FIV cat with one eye, has landed on his paws at last! His new Mum, Heather, says she was the special case having lost her husband, cat and dog and much in need of Oliver’s company.

Anne collected Prince & Misty from a neighbour at Baron’s Cross when their owner was unfortunately evicted and unable to take the cats with him to his new flat. Though loved, the cats had not had the best of care and poor Misty, a pretty calico cat, was very thin and could hardly eat. Once she had a dental, needing quite a few teeth removed and her sore gums healed, she was a happy lass, able to enjoy her food! It seems her housemate, Prince, about 10, a lovely laidback black & white chap, started life quite well and even been microchipped. When his owner’s husband was posted abroad, Prince went to live with her Grandmother who was then taken ill and passed away. Her father took in Prince. We have no idea when Misty joined them. Prince & Misty stayed with Anne about 6 weeks, time enough to sort Misty’s teeth, have vaccines and Misty microchipped. Anne delivered them to their country home outside Sennybridge on 6th November where they are settling in with a dog. Their new owners are over the moon with the lovely friendly cats who have landed on their paws at last! From pauper to a Prince again!

All this while, too, Anne has been caring for Saffron, 9, a rather sad, long haired black cat abandoned in Talgarth. One of 72 cats & kittens from Talgarth over the years! Probably a former pet, she is rather tricky, being friendly sometimes and very grumpy at others. While she hogs the main pen, Anne has been accommodating kittens, Rufus & Katie in isolation, as they recovered from the flu, Alice & Jane recovering from their traumatic abandoning and Solo, also dumped, as well as, Puzzle, Prince & Misty. With more than a few cats of her own to care for, Anne has had an exhausting time caring for them as well as all the trips to the vets as each were due for vaccines, neutering, dental and eye ops. She is an amazingly kind, caring soul who looks after them all so well and has been a God send to HCR for all these years. We couldn’t have cared for and homed so many of our 1178, so far, without her help and support all these years!

Lotti & Lulu, about 10 weeks old when they arrived were abandoned in a layby in Builth Wells with a sibling who was killed. Lottie, a pretty tabby & white lass and her gorgeous calico sister, Lulu, had flu. Short of room here, we are indebted to Hay Vet nurse, Bea, who cared for them until they recovered. By now, about 6 months old, the pretty kittens were chosen for a home in Hay on 20th November and settling as Lottie and Lulu!

The same day, Anne took beautiful tabby & white kitten, Solo, now about 5 months old, to her new home, for the second time! Solo was returned to Anne after bullying the dog in her first home! Still Solo, at Llowes, she can enjoy all the attention of an only cat and hopefully be forgiven dusting under cupboards, as cats do with their whiskers, much to the embarrassment of all, when newly arrived! Once alerted to her presence at Brobury, Anne spent some time trying to rescue her and was quite bewildered as to why this pretty little sweetheart was ever abandoned in the first place!

Mimi, a very pretty fluffy white and black kitten and her smooth coated white & black brother were born in the same stable as Stan (Haggis), Sid & Sophie, whose mother was their grandmother! With plans for the boys to go to barns, it seemed unlikely they would be neutered and soon be reproducing, so I gathered them up! Sid & Sophie’s mother has disappeared! Mimi & Morgan’s Mum has been spayed! Mimi was discovered to have just one kidney during a very tricky spaying operation and though still very small, she seems quite unconcerned about this! Mimi & Morgan were spotted on facebook by Michelle at Breinton where the kittens joined her in her country home on 23rd November. Seems they are likely to keep their names too!

Kittens, Pom Pom & Pepsi, now about 4 months old are chosen for a home near Pen y Fan, on 2nd December to fill huge gap left by Charlie, a former HCR ward of Anne’s who recently passed away. Pom Pom, is a gorgeous black chap with white paws, cheeks and chest, his brother Pepsi, white with lots of black patches. The boys were trapped, along with their very tiny sister, Pixie, then about six weeks old, living with their mother on a derelict site on an industrial estate just outside Hay. Mother was spayed and returned.

We hope Sid & Sophie, Toots & Pixie, & Saffron too will soon find their loving homes! With Pom Pom & Pepsi away soon, HCR has homed 39 cats & kittens, so far, this year and 1178 since 2004.

Carolyn came with cat food and kind offers of fundraising help, inviting HCR to share her craft stall at Christmas Fayres. Elizabeth has made her ever popular catnip sachets, though most were sold before Carolyn had chance see them! Thank you too, to Lisa for her lovely crafts to sell and Marina for her super Christmas door garlands and other goodies to add a few pounds to the kitty! With an October Vet bill for so many operations, vaccinations and microchipping over £2000, and food and litter for 25 inmates, the Kitty appreciates all the help it can get! Carolyn has been rescuing cats, a few dogs and a chicken in Bangkok, an extremely difficult task, as Laura found rescuing dogs in Oman, with unhelpful local attitudes.

For new friends of HCR, as fundraising co-ordinator, for Cats Protection, Hereford, I organised their Shelter opening day at Allensmore, September 2003 then set up Hay Cat Rescue on 7th February 2004. Local artist and HCR cat Mum, Shelagh Popham, designed our logo. John wrote our Constitution and HCR was granted charity status on 23rd June 2007. Now, well established as a cat rescue in the area, we have helped many cats and kittens over the years and homed 1178, so far! With arthritis impacting on my mobility, I’ve, reluctantly, for some time, been expecting to stop rescuing. We’ve had no main fundraising for 5 years, relying on donations of our regular supporters, mostly kind folk who have an HCR cat or two, and with funds heavily depleted, all seemed to be coming to an end together! Carolyn, used to rescuing cats abroad, has kindly offered to do some ’bigger’ fundraising! Kim has two refurbished pens, and possibly a spare room for fostering. I’m hoping Laura, Oman dog rescue fundraiser, will take over facebook entries she is aux fait with, so it is, just beginning to look like we may be able to on helping the cats and kittens in need here for a while yet! HCR website could probably do with updating too though it has served us so well since Elizabeth set it up some nine years ago. We may have some good news for the New Year!

Many Thanks to Beth & Dave for printing this Mews.

We fondly remember Hazel Sadler, a very quiet lady who was always so supportive of HCR and other animal welfare charities, who sadly passed away earlier this year. God Bless, Hazel!

                                                                                       A very Merry Christmas and Happy Cat cuddling New Year!