About our resources

We are a small charity with no paid staff, completely reliant on donations to fund our running costs. These can be high: our vets' bill for one month can come in at £1,100 or more. We are very sorry but we are unable to pay vets' bills for animals other than those in our care.

We are also sorry that we have limited capacity to take in all the animals that need our help. Our pens and foster-homes are always over-subscribed, and space can only be found when one of the residents moves on to a permanent home.

All donations of money, food and goods to sell are gratefully received. Please see elsewhere on this site for details of events and help needed.

Are you a cat lover? Could you run a cat rescue?

Hay Cat Rescue has rescued, rehabilitated and found homes for over 1000 cats and kittens, and helped many more in other ways, since it was established in 2004.
So it is with a heavy heart that due to worsening Arthritis I will be unable to continue to provide this much needed service for the cats and the community for much longer.
Hay Cat Rescue is, therefore, looking for a reliable cat lover, or several cat lovers working together, willing and able to continue to run this small, independent, registered Charity. This involves accommodating, sometimes trapping, veterinary health checks, record keeping and fundraising, as well as delivering cats and kittens to their new homes. Some equipment is available to a committed and caring person.
Over the years HCR has been very generously supported by many kind and caring people who would, I am sure, continue to help with donations of cat food and goods for fundraising.
If no one is forthcoming, Hay Cat Rescue will close once the cats in our care have found their new homes.
For more information, or to offer a cat a home, please call Kathie on 01497 821401.

Pom Pom, Pepsi, Pixie

Pom Pom & Pepsi, are two young scallywags born about 24.7.19. They are both neutered, vaccinated & microchipped. The boys are still rather shy but getting braver as they are learning to play and be cuddled after a less than happy start in life. Pom Pom is mostly black with white cheeks, toes and [...]


Gorgeous Solo is not keen / frightened of dogs but is fine with our other kittens! Maybe she was attacked by a dog before or after she was abandoned? We have no idea what the poor mite had to cope with before Anne rescued her. Solo is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Her est. dob [...]

Mimi & Morgan

Mimi is a very pretty, fluffy white & black lass while her brother, Morgan, has a smooth coat. Their est. dob is 12.7.19. This gorgeous pair of kittens are full of fun and mischief. Mimi & Morgan are fully vaccinated & microchipped. & neutered.


Sophie & Sid

Pretty black & white kittens, Sophie and her brother, Sid, were born late May. They have been neutered, microchipped and are fully vaccinated. This loving pair of gentle little scallywags are full of fun and mischief.


Lottie & Lulu

Pretty sisters, Lottie & Lulu were born around 10.6.19. Lottie is a beautiful tabby & white lass while her sister Lulu, is a gorgeous calico kitten. The girls who, like our other kittens, were abandoned, these in a layby. They have been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped. Lottie is the quiet, gentle one while Lulu is [...]


Est dob 24.5.19. Toots, a gorgeous, tabby & white kitten is a gentle and loving, sweetheart who is spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Toots was abandoned with her two siblings and their Mother, Tess, now homed.